Our Partnership with ALIGHT: A Commitment to Protection

Protection Program

The Protection Program at Let’s Help International (LHI) is dedicated to safeguarding the rights and well-being of refugees, with a particular focus on vulnerable populations such as women, children, and the elderly. Through advocacy, awareness campaigns, and direct support services, LHI strives to create a protective environment that ensures the dignity and safety of all displaced individuals.

Partnership with ALIGHT (Formerly American Refugee Council)

In 2023, LHI forged a significant partnership with Alight to undertake a Community-Based Protection (CBP) project in the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement in Uganda. This collaborative effort aimed to identify and address the specific needs of Extremely Vulnerable Individuals (EVI) through targeted support mechanisms.

Identifying and Supporting Extremely Vulnerable Individuals

The project meticulously identified Extremely Vulnerable Individuals-EVI cases in locations such as Itambabinga, Kaborogota, Bwiriza, Mukondo, and Byabakora. A commitment was made to address 150 cases through timely referrals to the Alight protection team at respective protection desks and zones. This systematic approach ensured that those most in need received the necessary support and attention.

Community Engagement and Mobilization

Recognizing the importance of community engagement, mobilization efforts extended across all nine zones of the settlement. This included village meetings, dialogues, and participation in commemorative days to enhance community awareness and involvement. Such initiatives are crucial in fostering a supportive environment where the rights and safety of vulnerable individuals are prioritized.

Shelter Construction and Renovation

An essential component of the partnership was providing assistance in the construction and renovation of shelters for Persons with Special Needs (PSN). Utilizing local materials such as mud and poles, the project tailored support for cases managed through the comprehensive case management system, benefiting 15 households across all nine zones.

A Dedication to Well-Being and Protection

The collaboration between LHI and Alight exemplifies a dedicated commitment to enhancing the well-being and protection of vulnerable individuals in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement. By combining resources, expertise, and a shared vision, this partnership has made significant strides in creating a safer and more supportive environment for those who need it most.

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