Ann DeChenne’s Visit to Kyaka II Refugee Settlement: Strengthening Educational Support for Refugee Children

Exciting Collaboration Alert!

We are thrilled to announce that Ann DeChenne, Founder and Director of Little by Little Education Services (LbL), visited Let’s Help International (LHI) at the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement in Uganda on March 25-26, 2024. This visit marks a significant step in our collaboration to support vulnerable refugee children’s education in Kyaka II.

Immersing in the Community

During her visit, Ann DeChenne immersed herself in the community’s daily life, exploring various zones of the settlement. She engaged with beneficiaries, their parents, and guardians, fostering heartwarming interactions and receiving expressions of gratitude. These personal encounters highlighted the profound impact of our joint efforts on the lives of refugee families.

Engaging with Schools and Beneficiaries

Ann’s visit included tours of several schools within the settlement where our beneficiaries are enrolled. She sought to gain deeper insights into the educational experiences of these children, witnessing firsthand the challenges and triumphs they face. These visits were crucial in understanding the needs of the community and planning further support initiatives.

Strengthening Collaboration

A significant part of Ann’s visit was her meeting with the LHI team. They discussed ongoing projects and explored new opportunities for educational empowerment within the settlement. The collaboration between LbL and LHI focuses on providing comprehensive educational support, which includes tuition fees, uniforms, supplies, and dedicated case managers who monitor the children’s progress and conduct home visits.

A Moment of Unity

The visit culminated in a special moment of gift-giving and group photographs with the LHI team on the ground. This symbolic gesture underscored the shared commitment to improving the lives of refugee children through education. Ann’s presence and active participation reaffirmed our mutual dedication to this cause.

The Role of Little by Little Education Services

LbL is a non-profit organization from the USA providing educational services in Uganda, India, Ghana, and Chile. Their diverse programs include Adult Digital Education, Micro-Libraries, Period Poverty School Retention Projects, and Educator Professional Development. Currently, LbL is partnering with LHI to support the Digital Inclusion Initiative, focusing on educating refugees in digital literacy and equipping them with essential modern skills.

In January 2024, Little by Little extended its support by initiating a program to help 65 children attend school in Kyaka II. This comprehensive support includes tuition fees, uniforms, shoes, supplies, and the addition of a case managers who monitor the children and conduct home visits.


Ann DeChenne’s visit to Kyaka II Refugee Settlement has been a remarkable milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance educational opportunities for refugee children. The collaboration between Little by Little Education Services and Let’s Help International continues to thrive, driven by a shared vision of empowering the most vulnerable through education. We look forward to the positive impact this partnership will bring to the community of Kyaka II.