Report: The Monitoring and Evaluation for the Energy Saving Cookstoves Project in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement

This report evaluates the “Empowering Women for Sustainable Cooking in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, Kyegegwa District, Uganda” project initiated by Let’s Help International (LHI) in collaboration with SUN24. The project aimed to address challenges faced by women in the settlement, including environmental degradation, safety concerns during firewood collection, and economic vulnerability, by introducing energy-saving stoves.

The methodology involved a mixed-methods approach combining quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques. Surveys, interviews, focus group discussions, and site visits were conducted to gather data from beneficiaries.

Key findings include significant positive impacts on environmental, health, socioeconomic, and community empowerment aspects. These include reduced carbon emissions, improved indoor air quality, increased economic resilience, and enhanced social cohesion.

However, challenges such as limited access to resources, cultural preferences, infrastructure limitations, and technical capacity were identified. Recommendations for addressing these challenges include seeking additional funding, tailoring training programs, launching awareness campaigns, and implementing Training of Trainers (ToTs) initiatives.

The report concludes with contact information for Let’s Help International and SUN24, emphasizing the importance of continued collaboration and support for sustainable development in the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement.

Read the full report below: